Understanding Spoon Pipes and their Uses

Spoon Pipes
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Spoon pipes are also known as bowl pipes or hand pipes and are a common type of device that’s used for smoking. These handheld devices have been used from time immemorial and are loved by smokers because they are portable, convenient and easy to use.

The origination of these devices are not quite clear but there are indications that they been in use for tobacco smoking for over hundreds of years.  They became more popular in the early 20th century when people began to use them to spoke weed (marijuana).  Nowadays these pipes are used to smoke marijuana, tobacco and all sorts of herbs.

In this article, we will help you understand a few things about spoon pipes and how they are used. Meanwhile, you can check out this site for more info about smoking paraphernalia: https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/paraphernalia-marijuana-and-hashish-use-possession-statutes-and

Basic Design of Spoon Pipes

These devices are mostly made from metal, glass or wood and are configured to fit comfortably into the human hand.  A pipe is made up of a bowl at one end which is where the substance to be smoked is placed and a mouthpiece at the other end. Most pipes have what is known as a carburettor; this is a small hole on the side of the pipe that is meant for controlling airflow in and out of the device.

In addition to the above, different manufacturers add some variety to this basic design. They can decorate them with some intricate designs or flashy colors. This makes the tool quite functional as well as aesthetically appealing

Types of Spoon Pipes

Although every spoon pipe has the same basic design, they are all not made of the same material. The most common materials that these smoking tools are made from include wood, glass and metal. Let’s look at some of these materials briefly:-


This is the one of the most common material that these smoking devices are made of in recent times. This is because it has been proven not to change the flavour of whatever substance the user is smoking. In addition to that it doesn’t absorb flavors which further enhance its ability to preserve the flavour of whatever it is used for.

While it is true that glass shows smoke stain from the substance it is used for and also the debris in it, the good news is that glass spoon pipes are easy to clean. Conversely, glass breaks easily which therefore makes it the least long lasting of all the materials that can be used to make this device.


This material is lightweight and almost indestructible which is why they are considered the best materials for spoon pipes.  However, silicone is not highly heat resistant which means that the user has to be extra careful with the flame when using it to avoid the risk of burning or melting the bowl.


This is considered to be the most durable material to use for pipes and also the easiest to clean. However, it imparts a metallic taste to the substance that it is used to smoke. In addition to this, metal is a good conductor of heat which means that the user has to contend with the inconvenience and risk of handling hot metal.

How To Use Spoon Pipes

To an onlooker or a newbie, using these devices can seem complicated but it is actually a straightforward process. Below are simple steps to using them:-

  1. Grind The Herb – Using a grinder, ensure that the herbs are properly ground into tiny and even pieces. This allows the herbs to burn evenly.
  2. Pack The Bowl – Place the ground herbs in the bowl
  3. Close The Carburettor Hole– Place your finger on the hole and ensure that you can easily remove it later on. Most bowls are designed in such a way that you can hold it in your palm while covering the hole with your thumb. Hold the other side of the bowl with your fingers so that you can balance and support the bowl to light the content.
  4. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale as you light the content of the bowl. You must perform both the inhalation through the mouthpiece and lighting of the herb at the same time.
  5. Release the finger on the hole – As you keep inhaling, the bowl will be filled with smoke. When you remove your finger from the carburettor hole, the smoke will be released via the mouthpiece. You use this hole to regulate the airflow.
  6. Keep smoking till the herb has burnt to ashes. You can decide to empty it and refill for another round.

You can watch this video for a visual explanation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Spoon Pipe

You can buy a pipe from any shop that sells herbs that can be smoked. These shops can be online or offline; however there are factors to be considered .before you decide to buy any particular brand.  These factors include but are not limited to the following:-


The size of the pipe determines the quantity of the herb that can be smoked in it. Additionally, the setting in which the pipe will be used also determines the size you should consider; whether it is an ‘on the go solo’ session or sharing in a group (maybe party or hangout).


We have described some of the materials that are used in making these pipes and some of the pros and cons of these materials. It is therefore necessary you check these pros and cons before choosing any material. Think of the impact of the material on the flavour and the cleaning and maintenance of the pipe.


Check as many products as possible and compare the prices based on the material used and whether there is any additional value that you can get from the product.


We have discussed the basics about spoon pipes and given a few tips on how to use them and also factors to consider when shopping for one. Bear these tips in mind to help you get the best of these products.

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