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Wisdom Teeth
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“Wisdom teeth”, the third pair of molars, are a passage into adulthood for most.

Usually, the pain sensations arise when the wisdom teeth begin to appear, which is quite typical. Many people have all four of them, while others have none or some.

There is no doubt that everyone has heard a lot of stories about Wisdom Tooth Removal.

In some cases, wisdom tooth pain is wildly extreme, and one can feel a distressing feeling at the back of their jaws.

This happens because most people do not have enough required space for these teeth to emerge completely.

As a result, the wisdom teeth become impacted and partially eject through the gum line. In this circumstance, they should be extracted to stop infection and harm to surrounding teeth.

Fortunately, Wisdom teeth removal is a typical dental process that is currently proposed in many dental clinics.

Before the procedure, you will be given an anesthetic injection to numb the area around your tooth; thus, it will be a painless and secure treatment.

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What are the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?


In some situations, the symptoms of impacted molars are pretty evident; in others, there is no noticeable sign. However, as mentioned above, the teeth sometimes strike through the gum line, and these partially impacted teeth entangle the food particles, and it becomes highly difficult to clean the mouth.


The significant signs of impacted wisdom teeth include:


  • Discomfort or jaw stiffness around an impacted tooth
  • Pain or annoyance from a tooth coming in at an inappropriate angle and scratching against your cheek.
  • Infected swelling on the gum tissue because of the impacted tooth that has struck partially through the gum.
  • Due to the lack of space for cleaning the wisdom and the nearby teeth, there are higher chances of occurring tooth decay or gum disease.


When the affected teeth do not bust partway through the gum line, that is named a fully impacted wisdom tooth.


What happens during the procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal?


The first step is consultation; after the consultation, the dentist will take x-rays. Accordingly, the dentists will determine if the wisdom teeth are required to be removed and when they should be removed.


This procedure is about 45-50 minutes long. Dentists utilize three types of anesthesia – local, sedation and general anesthesia- depending on the intricacy of wisdom tooth removal.


Then the procedure consists of a few typical steps like tissue removal, bone removal, loosening and sectioning of the tooth, tooth removal and then finally, stitches.


And then you will be sent home with some important aftercare instructions.

How distressing is wisdom teeth removal?


Although the procedure of wisdom tooth removal can be painful, with anesthesia, the patient will not feel any pain.


Also, there are a variety of calming alternatives to lessen anxiety and discomfort, which relies on your preferences.


After the whole procedure of removal, your mouth will be slightly delicate. But in most cases, it becomes normal after 7-9 days.


Generally, an ice pack is significantly helpful in decreasing swelling. But one can also prefer pain medicines to ease the ache and distress.

Dentists also inform you with adequate recommendations for quick relief after the wisdom tooth removal process.

Are there any long-term consequences of wisdom teeth removal?

Although, it is not wrong to say that the most long-term effect that wisdom teeth removal gives us is – A killer and pleasant Smile!

There can be some effects, but they are nothing to worry about. After four to five years of surgery, there are few chances that one can feel facial thinning, rare bone pains, and maybe folds in your gum line.

Not to forget, there are potential possibilities that one can also notice a flake or abrupt edge arising from your wisdom teeth areas after five to ten years of surgery.

But don’t stress; it is only a bone fragment expulsion, and you can get that removed from the dentist.

Wrap up!

We hope now you comprehend everything about Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Wisdom Teeth Removal is an uncomplicated and frequent practice. Furthermore, no one has to stress over this procedure as long as it is performed at the right time and by an authorized professional.

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