Older Adults: Hiring a Fitness Trainer for Balance and Stability

Older Adults
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Walking, getting out of a chair, and tying your shoes take a good balance. Good balance also helps you keep your head up while reaching for something on a shelf.

A personal trainer will be with a senior during every session, ensuring they do the exercises correctly. They will correct any wrong moves and slow down workouts if necessary.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

There’s a common perception that fitness is only for young people, but trainers can help older clients maintain a healthy weight. A trainer like Alexandra Chipurnoi can provide advice and support about healthy eating habits. This can help the elderly client keep their weight within a safe range, which may also prevent the onset of other health problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Trainers who specialize in working with seniors can offer various services, such as strength training, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility exercises. They can provide an initial meeting and assessment, which could include tests to measure a senior’s body-fat percentage and cardiovascular capacity, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

The trainer will then design a workout program tailored to seniors’ needs. This can involve incorporating different types of exercise into a single session, which can help avoid overtraining and fatigue. It can also help an elderly client keep motivated by providing support and accountability, notes the ACSM.

Strengthening Muscles and Bones

A trainer can create a workout that focuses on muscle and bone building. This might involve using weights or just one’s body weight to create resistance. Strength training exercises are essential for older adults because solid bones can help reduce fractures.

A personal trainer with experience dealing with elders can modify a program to meet the demands of a particular client. For instance, an older adult may find it difficult to carry large objects and would benefit from a program that emphasizes light to moderate muscle-targeting training.

A fitness professional can also encourage a person to stick with an exercise regimen by helping them find ways to make their workouts more enjoyable. People who don’t enjoy their activities often give up because they don’t feel motivated or see any results. A trainer can keep an eye on progress and encourage. They may also ensure a person is doing exercises correctly and doing them appropriately.

Increasing Flexibility

In addition to strengthening exercises, fitness trainers often help clients improve flexibility and balance. Flexibility training is crucial for reducing the risk of falls and maintaining the ability to perform daily tasks like walking, standing up from a chair, or leaning over to tie shoes.

According to your demands, a personal trainer will assist you in learning the best stretches to perform before and after workouts. Your trainer can suggest sitting, stretching, or plyometric activities, for instance, if you suffer from back discomfort because they strengthen the muscles that surround your joints and lower your chance of damage.

A trainer can also help with other parts of physical fitness, such as climbing stairs or using a treadmill. They can show you how to properly use weight machines and other equipment and demonstrate proper form when exercising. Fitness trainers may also ask to check in with you every week or so and hold you accountable, helping you stick to your workout routine.

Keeping Active

Unlike fitness centers and gyms that offer generic workout routines, a personal trainer works with each client one-on-one. As a result, seniors get a workout plan that suits their unique capabilities, interests, and limitations.

A trainer will also help them stay motivated. In addition, they will encourage them to follow a healthy diet. Furthermore, trainers often connect with nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, and massage therapists who can help with non-exercise health concerns.

As spring approaches, elderly adults need to be able to enjoy the outdoors by gardening, golfing, or spending time at the park with grandchildren. To do so, they need to feel solid and stable. A personal trainer can provide them with a workout that improves balance and strength to enable them to continue enjoying their hobbies and maintaining a sense of independence. Moreover, having someone to report to each week can make them less likely to skip workouts.

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