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Nursing is typically seen as a vocation, not a profession. What this means is that the skills, time, and hard work that nurses put in are often not appreciated as much as, say, a doctor or physician. This isn’t because people are blind to the hard work and care that nurses provide. It is instead due to a longstanding belief that nurses don’t know anything about healthcare. While the role of a nurse has existed in one format or another since the dawn of time, the role of the modern-day nurse is still relatively new.

Many nurses today are working to offset the physician shortage and yet are still not paid enough or supported enough for what they do. That’s why you need to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands by following this guide.

1) When Your Boss Isn’t Supportive, Be Your Own Boss

One of the biggest reasons why any worker experiences burnout is because of a bad boss. This is true in the corporate world and in the medical world. If you’re feeling burned out and don’t have the support of management, then it’s time to make a change. Rather than jump into another full-time role, however, try out travel nursing. Travelling rn jobs are available everywhere, meaning you can go from state to state or even work around in different locations in your city.

As a traveling nurse you’re in charge of your hours and your schedule. You can also blacklist certain clients if you’re not a good fit, which puts you in the driver’s seat. Not only can this help you better manage your stress by making it easier to look out for yourself, but it’s also a good way to make more than you used to (if you establish consistent work).

2) Build a Support Network

Everyone needs a support network. Friends and family can be there to help you embrace the part of life that isn’t related to your job, but they shouldn’t be the ones you dump all your work stress onto every time. Rather, find a support group of fellow nurses, or even find a therapist. Having someone there to listen and help you process what you feel is essential.

3) Enrich Other Aspects of Your Life

You are more than just your job. That’s why it’s so important to make time for your hobbies and for artistic expression. If you find it hard to pick up a pen and get started, take a class. There are local workshops and courses everywhere to help those embrace their creative side and try new activities.

Doing this for yourself lets you engage a different part of your brain, making it easier than ever to prioritize your health and wellbeing as a nurse.

4) Eat Well to Be Well

You know they’re bad for you, so cut out those processed foods and start making meals from scratch again. It doesn’t matter how many calories are in your meal from there. What matters is that the food uplifts your body and soul. You can make it easier to prepare meals from scratch by taking a day to prep everything you’ll need for the week ahead.

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