How To Keep Fit in San Diego?

Fit in San Diego
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Getting enough exercise is very important for your quality of life. From cardiovascular exercise to weight lifting, working out helps to keep your heart and the rest of your organs healthy as well as combats the symptoms of depression and anxiety for many people. If you live in the San Diego area, there are a wide variety of activities that you can do to work out and keep your body and mind healthy.

1. Take Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes, whether teaching traditional methods or

various types of martial arts, are not only great for working out but also for

learning how to protect yourself in volatile situations. One popular options is to attend a San Diego jiu jitsu school.

There are many benefits of jiu jitsu training, but in particular, it teaches

smaller or weaker people how to use leverage to defend themselves against

bigger and stronger opponents. Those who attend jiu-jitsu classes often gain

strength and are known to receive excellent cardio workouts. Most jiu jitsu

schools recommend attending classes 2-3 times per week, but even a weekly or

bi-weekly class is helpful for exercising and learning how to defend


2. Try Hydro Biking

If you love being on the water but want to do something a bit

more interesting than swimming laps, try hydro biking in Mission Bay. Hyrdo

bikes are just bikes mounted onto two pontoons. You can pedal around the water

leisurely, taking in the sights and people watching, or you can compete with

your friends to see who can get moving the fastest. Either way, you’ll be doing

what you love on the water and getting a workout in at the same time.

3. Do Stair Runs

Running up stairs provides a great cardio workout

that helps to keep your heart healthy. San Diego has plenty of great staircases

that provide the workout you need. Run up the 100 steps that lead to the San

Diego Convention Center or make it an even more rigorous workout by trying out

the La Mesa Secret Stairs. The hidden staircase features 245 steps that lead to

a panoramic view of Mt. Helix Park’s amphitheater. No matter where you do stair

runs, you’ll strengthen your lungs and muscles.

4. Check Out Outdoor Yoga

Sometimes, you need a slower workout that helps you to be more

mindful. Outdoor yoga is just the ticket. No matter what day of the week you

want to do yoga or where you want to do it, you are sure to find a class that

meets your needs. From beach yoga to yoga in some of the city’s most beautiful

parts, you’ll be able to take in the calming rhythm that stretches your

muscles, centers your mind, ad helps you to get ready for the rest of the day


5. Go For a Hike

Take life at your own pace when you hike some of the many

mountains and trails that the city has to offer. If you like leisurely, easy

hikes that focus more on taking in the nature around you, then head to some of

the city’s beautiful parks. Are you up for more of a challenge? Check out Iron Mountain. The 5.2-mile trail

climbs more than 1,100 feet with a variety of inland vistas for you to explore

along the way. You’ll even get to take in gorgeous views of Catalina Island.

Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring lots of water, though, as there

is almost no shade along this trail.

6. Pick Some Fruit

At first thought, picking fruit doesn’t seem like much of a

workout. However, if you think outside traditional fitness boxes, you’ll

realize that picking fruit requires a lot of standing, walking, and arm

movement. During the fall in the San Diego area, head to Julian. Small country

stores and opportunities to pick fresh fruit mean you can exercise and get

healthy snacks at the same time. Think about all that muscle you’ll gain as you

lug the bags of apples, pears, avocados, or oranges back to the car.

7. Visit the City’s Parcourses

Circuit training works your muscles, provides a cardio workout,

and helps to create better strength. San Diego’s parks and beaches have a wide

variety of parcourses that help you to get the workout that you want. If you’re

in the downtown area, Embarcadero Marina Park South provides stations that

allow you to do pull-ups, push-ups, and dips, and the benches nearby are

perfect for box jumps or step-ups. You can also find parcourses in the Mission

Bay area and Morley Field. Each one provides 1-2.5-mile courses with a wide

range of stations.

Whether you love easy workouts or go hard every time you

exercise, San Diego has something for everyone. Spend time on the water, hiking

the trails, or even just walking around town to build your strength and get

your cardio in every day.

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