Guide to Choose Best Period Underwear

Best Period Underwear
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When you are looking at period underwear you want to ensure you choose the best for you, and for your period. No two bodies or periods are the same and you will find that not all underwear will fit you or protect you as well as it should. Some period underwear can be suitable for light flow, while some may offer great absorption – even at night. Taking your time to establish what you want from new period underwear will help you make the right choice. Here is a guide on choosing the best period underwear for your specific needs.

Look at Your Period

Choosing underwear that suits your flow is essential, and if you can, you need to monitor or track your period and cycle to see how your flow varies throughout the day or week. Periods can of course vary from month to month, but if you can get a good idea of what to expect with your body, you can be prepared. You may find that you need several pairs of underwear as your flow varies. You may well see that in the day you can wear underwear that is suitable for lighter periods and flows. At night your flow may change again, and you may well find that you need underwear that gives you that extra protection, especially if you have a heavier flow.

Check the Absorbency

After monitoring your period, you now know what type of underwear you need. However, do you know which ones will guarantee great absorption? When making a purchase you want to ask questions such as: how long can you wear period underwear before you start potentially leaking? Absorption and absorbency are especially important if you are away from your home or out at work (where you perhaps do not have the time or opportunity to change your underwear). Of course, different brands of period underwear vary, but Thinx measures absorbencies, and always provides you with the greatest protection and security.

Compare the Price

Some period underwear can seem expensive, especially if you are purchasing several pairs of underwear in one go. However, when you break down the cost, you will then see that the initial outlay is not as high as you once thought. When you think of all the money you will be saving by not buying any hygiene or protection products each month, you will see that the initial cost is more than justified.

Look at the Brand and Its Reputation

You want to be protected when you are wearing period underwear, and not all brands can guarantee this – especially those that are producing imitations. You do not want to purchase cheap or imitation brands that may leave you with faulty underwear that leaks. Cheap brands or those with a poor reputation may offer more affordable ranges of underwear, but what are you getting in return? Will you end up purchasing more than you need? Looking at online reviews and speaking to others who have purchased period underwear will help you establish which brands you can trust, and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

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