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Sales Enablement
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No matter how big a company is, its revenue can not grow if it fails to convert potential buyers into customers. So, the ultimate goal of a company is to sell a product or service to the end consumer.

The research found that more than 60% of companies and organizations have a dedicated Sales Enablement team as of 2022. Also, the number of Sales Enablement job profiles on LinkedIn has risen from 3,233 in 2017 to 13,000 in 2022.

Sales Enablement technology takes the sales of a company to new heights. It is a set of tools and content provided to the sales team that help them sell more efficiently. It encompasses everything that needs to be done to generate new leads, manage them and convert them into customers.

What Is Sales Enablement?

It is the process of providing an organization’s sales team with tools, resources, content, and information. These help salespeople sell more products or services and close more deals.

Benefits Of Sales Enablement 

  1. Relevant and tailored content approved by the marketing team is provided to the salespeople. It enables them to use more personalized and appealing content for the customers.
  2. The sales training provided by the sales department in the form of certifications, videos, etc., ensures higher win rates.
  3. Regular marketing insights are provided to sellers on what is going wrong and how they can improve it.
  4. The relevant information and content for all the salespeople enhance the company’s integrity. And it is highly valued by clients.
  5. Collaboration of the marketing, sales, and operations not only increases revenue but also lowers cost.

How To Practice Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement starts with aligning the sales and the marketing teams. Aligning the goals, relevant strategies, go-to sales programs, etc., helps drive sales enablement and boosts sales. A business can adopt the following measures to practice it.

  • Set The Objectives Beforehand

Make sure to have a plan of action. Depending on the product, customers, and the whole project, define proper objectives, and then you can guide the various teams on what they need to do to achieve the targets.

  • Keep Customers At The Centre

The customers are the rulers of this game. Therefore, make sure that all the plans are formulated per the customers’ expectations and requirements.

  • Content Must Be Of Supreme Quality

Sometimes, the customer is satisfied with content like webinars and blog posts. Then, they don’t even need persuasion by the salespeople. Thus, ensure that the content shared via these webinars and blogs is convincing.

  • Keep Organizing Regular Training Sessions For Salespeople

Generally, training takes place once a year. And that’s a huge mistake. Sellers often forget the content and techniques taught in less than a month. Also, the methods, particularly the technological ones, get obsolete after a certain period. These reasons call for a training session every month.

Who Manages Sales Enablement?

It is the most confusing question that arises when talking about sales enablement. Some say the marketing team handles it, while others attribute it to the Sales team. In reality, both collaborate to manage and streamline the whole process, and the Sales Enablement team comes to the rescue.

The marketing team is generally in charge of customer research and analysis. Then they come up with valuable insights and content that will be the most appealing to customers.

On the other hand, the sales team is responsible for implementing the insights from the marketing and sales enablement team. It also brings in the use of various technological tools while selling to customers.

The Sales Enablement team must bridge the gap between the Sales and Marketing teams. The Marketing team is the server-side rendering, and the sales team is the client-side rendering of sales enablement.


Sales Enablement technology is the need of the hour for any organization to succeed. It helps in building Cross-Functional Alignment as well. And Sales Enablement is made precisely for this purpose. Sales enablement backed by technology helps them remain ahead of the competition.

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