Details about Neurotoxin?

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Imagine getting younger and brighter skin that appears younger with bolder cheekbones. These non-surgical facial injections slow down aging effects. One of the most widely used injectables is called neurotoxins.

Neurotoxins are naturally or artificially created substances that alter the functioning of the nervous system. They rejuvenate your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Loss of certain nuclei and demyelination can occur as neurotoxins may harm neurons, axons, and glia. The treatment prevents skin from folding over into wrinkles on your face.

How Do Neurotoxin Injections Work?

Facial movements like frowning, smiling, and squinting cause wrinkles and fine lines. Botulinum type A injections or neurotoxin injections can smooth dynamic wrinkles. They help nerve cells send signals to muscles, causing them to contract and relax.

How do they do that?

Botulinum toxin injections weaken nerve signals, so you can still make facial expressions, but they are not as complicated, leading to fewer wrinkles.

You can obtain complete results from neurotoxin injections within two weeks. The process lasts around 3 to 4 months and needs to be repeated because new nerves create connections with the muscles, and the last wrinkles and lines start to reappear.

When Should People Receive Neurotoxin Injections?

Neurotoxin injections are popular and received by people of all ages, young and old. However, they are normally used when the first signs of aging become apparent on the skin’s surface, usually by the age of 25.

So, it’s better to start receiving them before the aging process begins and fine lines and wrinkles don’t get a chance to settle in.

Where Should You Get Neurotoxin Injections?

The most commonly treated areas are where muscle activity influences facial features the most. These include:

  • Forehead creases
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes)
  • Glabellar lines or frown lines
  • cobblestonedappearance on the chin.

Benefits of Neurotoxin Injections

Apart from revitalizing your facial appearance, neurotoxin treatments also help with the following:

  • They treat hidrosis (underarm sweating).
  • They minimize chronic migraine pain.
  • They enhance jawline appearance by relaxing the platysma muscle.
  • They minimize the appearance of a dimpled chin.
  • They reduce the pain of bruxism.

Is It Safe to Get Neurotoxin Injections?

Don’t get scared after hearing the word “toxin” in the name. There is far more to these injections than what the name suggests.

If used correctly, neurotoxin injections cause no harm. At most, you’ll see minor side effects like swelling, bruising, or pain. And since these are part of the healing process, they’ll go away within a few days. So you shouldn’t be worried.

What Should I Do Before Getting Neurotoxin Injections?

Avoid blood-thinning medication for at least a week before getting neurotoxin injections.

You also have to avoid medicines like ibuprofen and the use of alcohol. However, if a doctor prescribes the medication, do not discontinue using it without consulting them first.

Schedule your appointment when you have no big event to attend, as the bruising and swelling will take time to heal. After all, you wouldn’t want to show up to a wedding looking like a bruised peach, would you?

Before getting the treatment, eat something fulfilling to reduce dizziness after the procedure.

What to Expect During the Process?

Symptoms like mild headaches, flu, and the feeling of a dry mouth are common during such processes. Your symptoms should go away completely after 48 to 72 hours (about three days). Bruising and swelling are also common side effects of the treatment.

People who have gotten neurotoxin injections have described the process as a pinching or tingling sensation, usually devoid of pain because of the topical anesthesia your surgeon will use to numb the area.

What to Do After You Get the Injections

Here are some things you should do after getting the injections:

  • Avoid touching or massaging the treated area.
  • Do not get other procedures, such as lasers or facials, done for at least two weeks after getting the injection.
  • Try not to go out into the sun and use saunas or steam rooms for 24 to 48 hours (about two days).
  • Do not head to the gym; avoid performing high-intensity exercises or other activities that might cause exertion.
  • Use a cool compress to reduce swelling.
  • Sleep with your head elevated to decrease the swelling.

How Long Will the Results Last, and What Happens If I Discontinue?

The longevity of the results depends on what type of product you choose, your preventative measures, and how you care for it. In most cases, the results will last for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

You can easily repeat the process whenever you feel the need to.

However, most people think stopping neurotoxin injections will worsen their wrinkles. This notion is far from the truth.

If you discontinue using neurotoxins, your wrinkles will only return to the way they were before. Because when the procedure stops, the relaxing effect of neurotoxin reverses, and your skin resumes the normal development of wrinkles.

The Takeaway

Neurotoxin injections help you look younger and healthier and give you a youthful glow. The toxin is injected into areas where muscles are most used, causing the skin to loosen and appear wrinkle-free.

If you’re looking to try neurotoxin injections to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles,  book an appointment with our rejuvenation specialists. We’ll take a look at your skin condition and suggest treatments tailored to your skin type and requirements. If you are interested in getting a liquid rhinoplasty but have one of the symptoms or skin problems described above, you should explore your choices with qualified medical specialists at Aesthetica medical spa.

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