Cosmetic Dentistry Options for a More Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry
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Cosmetic dentistry has grown significantly as the technology in this field has advanced. Dentistry can go above and beyond the health of your teeth. Now, oral healthcare also aims to keep your teeth looking as bright and beautiful as possible, too. Of course, this is a consideration for orthodontists as well, such as those at Family Braces, who aim to craft a beautiful and functional smile.

1. Implants

If you lose teeth for any reason, implants are often the best possible option when it comes to cosmetic dental care. In both looks as well as function, dental implants are a great substitute for real teeth. They are secured to your jaw with screws and will eventually fuse to your tissue and bone, making the implants permanent fixtures in your mouth.

2. Veneers

Damaged, badly stained, or poorly spaced teeth can benefit from veneers. These very thin porcelain caps are glued to the surface of the teeth to disguise imperfections. Veneers are customized to fit each recipient’s teeth and usually look just like natural teeth. The dentist will use a special light to harden the veneers.

3. Braces

Braces have come a very long way since their inception. These days, many patients opt for clear, invisible braces or mouthpieces that achieve the same thing as their original counterparts. Braces are a permanent way of manipulating the teeth to fit in the mouth correctly, which can make people feel more comfortable with their smiles.

4. Enamel Bonding

When teeth have been damaged or badly stained, some dental patients will choose enamel bonding for their teeth. Bonding requires the use of a moldable material that a dentist will fit the tooth to cover up any damage or discoloration. Bonding can be a great option, but typically, the results do not last as long as more expensive procedures like the application of veneers.

5. Enamel Abrasion

Enamel abrasion is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can correct stained teeth by utilizing a special tool that scrapes the outermost surface of the tooth down. This removes the stains without completely compromising the teeth. It’s important to take into consideration that abrasion will work well for surface stains caused by food, drinks, or tobacco, but if the discoloration is a result of something going on within the tooth, enamel abrasion will not be able to remove the discoloration.

6. Whitening

People want to have a bright, beautiful smile, and tooth whitening is one way to achieve this. Whitening is probably the most common of all cosmetic dental procedures, as it’s less invasive and cheaper than many other options. The bleaching agents used in professional teeth whitening products are usually stronger than anything that consumers can purchase over the counter.

Cosmetic dentistry offers many options for those individuals who want to correct imperfections in their teeth. Budget, as well as invasiveness of the procedure, are both important considerations to take when choosing dental care. For many individuals, certain procedures will not only correct cosmetic or structural damage but also improve the health of the mouth. Crooked teeth are much more difficult to keep clean, so correcting this aspect of your smile can improve the effects of brushing and flossing. The long-term health benefits include preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

If you believe, you require any of the above treatments, you can check out this dentist in Pasadena or one near you to get started with your journey to prettier and healthier teeth.

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