Breaking the Stigma: Men’s health

Breaking the Stigma
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From the beginning of time, men have been expected to be strong physically and emotionally. As a result, any display of weakness or admission of weakness or sickness was a blow to one’s masculinity. Because of this, it is likely you and many men like yourself will do almost anything to avoid talking about physical or mental health issues. However, society is changing its views on masculinity and men’s health, which is why now is the time to break the stigma and open up about your health.

Setting a Good Example

If you are a man who also happens to be a father, talking about your health sets a good example for your children. By demonstrating that you are committed to having a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you are sending a message to your children, especially boys, that it is not only important to exercise and eat healthy meals but also to speak up when they feel bad physically or emotionally.

Spiraling Out of Control

When you are unwilling to talk about your health, especially your mental health, the result can be a problem that is allowed to spiral out of control. In the United States, men are nearly four times more likely than women to die from suicide because they believe it is not good for a man to reveal he is suffering from depression or anxiety. By failing to talk about your mental health and seek treatment when it’s needed, it will negatively impact you at home, on the job, and elsewhere.

Early Treatment for Health Problems

Perhaps more than anything else, talking more about your health will allow you to get medical treatment for various problems much sooner than if you simply ignore whatever is bothering you and wait for it to disappear. Unfortunately, most health problems for men don’t disappear but rather only get worse over time. For example, if you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction, taking advantage of Vitality RX men’s health solutions can allow you to track various hormone biomarkers, which can be beneficial if you are suffering from low testosterone. By getting to the underlying condition that may be causing your low-T and ED, you can get back to living life on your terms.

Assuming the News Will Be Bad

Men are twenty-four percent less likely to schedule an appointment with their doctor than women and are twenty-two percent more likely to put off getting tested for high cholesterol. Because of this, far more men have heart attacks once they reach their 50s than women. In most cases, the reasons men give for not visiting a doctor include:

  1. Assuming a serious illness is found,
  2. Too busy to schedule an appointment,
  3. Uncomfortable undergoing a physical exam,
  4. Don’t trust doctors,

To ensure you stay as healthy as possible, it is crucial you have a doctor in whom you have complete trust to discuss any issue that may be bothering you, whether it is a sexual problem, mental health issue, or other problem that is impacting your life negatively.

Easy Changes to Your Lifestyle

When you are willing to open up to your doctor, friends, and family about your health concerns, one thing you are likely to discover is that many problems can be solved by making simple lifestyle changes. For example, if you suffer from low-T, you may be assuming you’ll need to take medications for your problem. However, most doctors will tell you that doing such things as losing a few pounds, quitting smoking, and limiting your alcohol intake will often help raise your testosterone levels. By opening up to friends and family about things that may be creating more stress and anxiety for you on a daily basis, you’ll often find those who care about you the most are always willing to do what it takes to help you feel your best.

Bottom Line

Talking about any and all aspects of your health is by no means a sign of weakness or a diminishment of your masculinity. On the contrary, it shows you are a man who is confident and understands the importance of good health. By breaking long-held stigmas, you can feel better and be a role model for other men.

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